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How does your affiliate tracking work?
How does your affiliate tracking work?
Written by C&C Support
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When you share your referral link with someone our affiliate tracking system will attempt to plant a last touch "sticky cookie" on their device that lasts for up to 45-days.

This means if the person you shared your referral link with purchased products or services from the "Million Dollar Group Method" funnel on the same device within 45-days, even if they didn't use your referral link, you will still receive a commission.

Please understand, however, our affiliate program has a last touch model. That means if someone else shared their referral link with the same person after would not receive a commission. The affiliate commission is given to whichever affiliate had the last touch.

โ€‹Note: Your affiliate ID will not carry itself through the funnel. This is normal. Our affiliate tracking is primarily based on cookies.

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